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Viva la LBD!

March 22, 2016


Hey Loves

Karl Lagerfeld famously said:’ one is never overdressed or under-dressed with a little black dress.” And I couldn’t agree more it’s pretty hard to go wrong in this classic piece! One of the things I love about the lbd is its simplicity and sophistication. What’s more I can’t think of one occasion in which the black dress won’t have you covered. It’s one of those pieces that I believe every woman should have in her arsenal! Continue Reading


Mint Condition!

November 10, 2015

brm1When I came across this mint-green coat dress I wasn’t sure if I was going to wear it as a dress or as a coat since it embodies the outfit-making qualities of a dress and the protective material and front design of a coat. I love that it doubles up as a dress when paired with sheer/opaque stockings and you can go off dancing in the rain or as a coat with the right pair of pants. Continue Reading

MY STYLE Office Wear

Work It!

October 21, 2015

brm1Setting aside bathroom issues (the pee dance ain’t pretty) I think jumpsuits are hands down the best item of clothing you can own! They not only make you stand out in a way that is effortlessly stylish they make dressing that much easier. With the weather growing cold and dreary, the jumpsuit is becoming less of a trend and more of a staple. Continue Reading


02/10/2015—Being Rosemary Turns 1

October 2, 2015


Hey Guys, happy New Month!

After the long silence am glad to be back! How are you doing did you miss me cause I sure did!
This day last year I set out on my blogging journey one that I had probably thought about the whole year before that and kept putting it off but well you know what they say I didn’t choose the blog life the blog life chose me 🙂 . Continue Reading


Olive + Hot Pink!

September 15, 2015


Howdy peeps! 🙂
I love the color blocking trend but I always tend to stick to the same coordinating colors because they are sorta tried -and -true. Also, I’m afraid of clashing and ending up looking like the town clown so I shy away from color blocking loud pops of color. Continue Reading


Dress Down

July 9, 2015


Hello guys!

I believe the ability to dress down an outfit is an essential part of any wardrobe that allows your dressy items to do double duty in casual outfits. This is definitely a Win Win for me since dressing down is my modus operandi plus I get more value for my money! Continue Reading