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3 Style Struggles Only Pregnant Women Will Understand

October 16, 2018
3 Style Struggles Only Pregnant Women Will Understand

Hey Lovelies,

Growing a tiny human in your belly may be one of the most joyous things that can happen in your life – but it also spells disaster for your wardrobe. Here are some of the style struggles that I’ve been experiencing…


Its all fun and games until your favorite pants don’t fit.
Things get so wine-stain real when last week your favorite pants fit and the next they can’t get past your hips.This boyfriend pants are among the few left that still fit and I am wearing them as much as possible before I have to bid them farewell.
I don’t know how I feel about buying maternity pants but also I don’t know how to survive without denim pants.What to do?


Dolling yourself up only to realize that suddenly your favorite foundation  doesn’t match your neck down because melasma (the mask of pregnancy) is real. It seems as though every part of  my body has taken to a color of its own. Its wearing sleeveless tops and realizing you look like you are walking around with a borrowed head and stolen arms. I have resulted to using a darker foundation just to ensure that my face matches my neck and chest.Going the no make up route is not an option because ACNE…story for another day.


Getting ready to leave the house,you grab your favorite ankle boots only to realize your feet trippled in size overnight.This has been the hardest since wearing sandals is not my strong suit.I am such a reckless walker that by the time I arrive at my destination I look like I just got done uprooting arrow roots from the shamba. I exaggerate but you get the point.

As always Thank you for dropping by loves

love and light.

Outfit Details

Bag – Bossie collections

Lips – Sleek fandago purple

Earrings – supercosmetics

cape blazer – Thrifted at market stalls in CBD also seen here

Pants and top – Thrifted

3 Style Struggles Only Pregnant Women Will Understand






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