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The Good and the Bad..

April 19, 2018
the good and the bad

Hey Guys,

This post comes in late because I couldn’t get out of my head long enough to realize that we win some and we lose some and being hard on yourself only keeps you in the loser department for longer than necessary. Case in point: I wasn’t impressed by the outcome of the photos I took in my last shoot day which I have realized is as a result of seeking perfect results instead of cutting my losses and deciding to do better next time;its the only way there will be a next time. So here’s to getting out of our heads and doing better next time. So expect to see the good,the bad maybe not the ugly.

Whenever I think of a boujee thought outfit lately,tweed is usually involved.I don’t know if its the iconic channel tweed piece influence but I have really been living in tweed lately.I love the various designs and colors they come in and the thick fabric really comes in handy especially in this cold Nairobi weather.its also a fun way to keep warm and look stylish at the same time.

Also  I feel like a naughty librarian in this glasses.

As always thank you for dropping by lovelies

keep warm.


the good and the bad

the good and the bad

the good and the bad

the good and the bad



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