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DIY Clear Skin Routine

December 18, 2017
DIY clear skin routine

Heey guys,??
Welcome to day 5 of 12 days of Christmas!
Its Face time! Long post alert!
I know I have been quite vocal about my struggle with acne on here.It can be quite demoralizing to have great skin one second and a zit storm the next and the blackheads that follow  leave me wishing I could peel my face off! I have tried so many products that have only left a dent in my wallet and no lasting effects on my skin. I always wanted to have a daily skincare regimen such as this (10 step Korean skin-care regimen recommended by a friend) but I was skeptical about the array of products I’d have to use on my skin. So, I settled for a simple skin-care regimen that consisted of products I had used, liked and had positive effects on my skin most of which are Nivea products. (Completely unrelated with the products am talking about today but If you are like me and acne is like a monkey on your back then consider trying the Nivea range of products they are quite gentle on acne-prone skin)DIY clear skin routine
I, however, as much as possible like using home-remedies to deal with the occasional flare ups, you know using things you can find in your kitchen (such as this). I was on the lookout for a simple homemade face mask that I could use daily on my skin and that’s when I come across the aloe vera gel and rose water DIY face mask. I didn’t even think twice about trying it out because I had used rose water as a toner on my face for a while and it is AMAZING! I tried it and it felt amazing on my skin there were no side effects and the results were great too. It is simple, dries fast and quite pocket friendly! During the weekends or whenever I need a little boost I add a pinch of turmeric powder and you have a bomb face mask!

DIY clear skin routine
Another product I have been loving lately is Rose oil I came across it as I was looking for a moisturizer. I stay clear of oils on my face especially after trying coconut oil and… lets not even talk about it. It had been a long journey trying to get a moisturizer that works for my combination skin without causing break outs and as I was researching I came across the benefits of rose oil on acne and was like ummm….NO! Not a chance in hell not even going to think about it it’s an oil and so it’s definitely the acne devil! I ignored it but I kept seeing guys recommend it for acne prone skin so when I saw it at Healthy U I decided why not just try it out. Like what’s the worst that could happen right? And I have not regretted it once! It’s a dry oil so you don’t fell greasy plus it absorbs easily. I am so glad that my search is over for now at-least!

So,this is the aloe vera gel and rose water  face mask coupled with the rose oil moisturizer that I use on a daily basis to achieve clear skin its inexpensive and easily available!

Thank you for reading Loves

Hope this helps you in one way or the other!



Tumeric powder – local supermarkets

Rose Water – super cosmetics

Rose Oil – Healthy U

Aloe Vera – Healthy U/ Best Lady

DIY clear skin routine

DIY clear skin routine

DIY clear skin routine

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