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Hounds-tooth Refresh

November 16, 2018
Hounds-tooth Refresh

Heey Lovelies,
Timeless is a bit of an overworked word in fashion circles, but when it comes to a print like hounds-tooth, few others suffice. It’s a print that really does transcend seasons and eras and the fleeting trends that breeze in and out on a near-impossible-to-keep-up-with basis.
You can easily shine in classic hound-stooth by pairing it with nothing but slick, solid black – but in the event that you feel like upping your print game to a higher level of complexity, the more fearless you choose to be, the better. Continue Reading

12 days of Christmas MY STYLE

Kimono Parade

December 28, 2017
kimono parade

Heeey Guys,

I am using this period between Christmas and New Year to relax, review the year that 2017 has been and think about my 2018 resolutions. Yes, I still write resolutions (see here) because I believe in manifestation of your own dreams and that what you confess you possess. Habakkuk 2:2 Continue Reading