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Graphic Tee x Mustard!

December 7, 2017
Graphic tee x mustard

Hey Hey Lovelies!

One of my styling tips when it comes to prints or graphic tees is to style around the statement piece! Case in point: this graphic tee that is simple but makes quite the statement all the same. The writing on the t-shirt is in mustard, my favorite color of all time, so styling it was a no brainer since I have so many things in that color. Continue Reading

MY STYLE Office Wear work wear edit

Skirt the rules!

December 9, 2016
skirt the rules

Well heya pretty!

Keeping it short and sweet in today’s post because honestly my mind is already on Christmas break.
Also can you believe that we are only three weeks away from 2017? Do we even still have 24hours a day anymore?
I intended to post this look a while back as an alternative way to spot this skirt when I did this post but I lost the files till a few days back when they magically re-appeared like ‘hey we heard you were looking for us’. This was a  look that would pass as both formal and casual depending on your mood/day. I paired it with black sleeveless high neck top and a blazer which formalizes any outfit. Continue Reading


Cold Shoulders

November 17, 2016
cold shoulders

Hey loves,

Its all fun and games until December rolls up and you have to review your resolutions! I have been reviewing mine (see them here) and I am quite impressed actually! I expected to be carrying forward most of them to 2017 but as it turns out I have accomplished most of them. Yay me! ;-). My greatest lesson in 2016 however,  has been to always have an attitude of gratitude you know just feeling proud ,thankful and joyful on an ongoing basis regardless of the situation.I recently started to keep a gratitude journal  with the help of Bliss an app I downloaded and it has really helped my mind focus on the positive-victories,accomplishments and joys of life. The best part of it is that it has become a habit and even on the not so great days I’m forced to find that silver lining in the dark cloud. I celebrate even the little things in life and that has been the highlight of my year just the ability to be excited by something as normal as my seeing my plants bloom and I mean seriously excited lol.This little habit has shifted my attitude,happiness and attracted so much positivity in my life. Continue Reading



September 15, 2016

Hey there sugars,

I’m just over here wondering how you stay on the straight and arrow when it comes to exercising and eating right.First its a cheat day then its a cheat week  and before I know it am eating the things I shouldn’t be and can’t remember the last time I exercised.Anyway that’s a story for another day to more happy and exciting news my birthday  is almost here YAAAAY! 11 days to be precise!I don’t even know why I am so excited seeing as I have no elaborate plans other than eating an obscene  number of eclairs. Not that I mind being somewhere tropical like Bora Bora lounging sipping on Mai tai but such is life ey? Continue Reading


Confessions of a Shopaholic!

August 25, 2016

photography by Halisee

I have a substance abuse problem – shopaholism.

I am a natural spender and am only now admitting that I could use a budget in my life from time to time every time really! I am that person that would buy the same shoes in different colors at a go, walk a few steps and buy a dress to match! My first instinct definitely is “don’t buy it Rosemary you can’t afford it! “ but I’ve found myself heeding that little voice in my head that tells me “go ahead and buy it the shoes shouldn’t have to suffer for your inability to budget!”

The thing is budgeting to me has always had such a negative vibe mostly because it’s used in the context of “I can’t go shopping am on a budget! Or “we can’t go on vacation we are on a budget! “and I remember thinking urgh people on a budget are really not fun people! I have always felt like budgets limit ones freedom and so I’d cringe every time I hear the word budget. Continue Reading


Meshing and Netting

March 23, 2016


Hola Beautiful people!

  Please grab a cuppa today’s post is a bit longer than usual!
I joined boarding school at a very young age after being tricked into thinking it would be a lot of fun. Well, it wasn’t! Apart from feeling homesick, one of the many things I struggled with was the morning routine; I hated every minute of it especially waking up. We would be woken up at around 5 am by a bell and the dorm captain singing a song that went a little something like this, “Good morning Jesus, Good morning Lord….” Continue Reading


Cute Enough For Everyday!

February 5, 2016


Are you sensing a theme here? Because I am. Looks like my feminine girly side has been on overdrive lately and looking at this particular look I don’t mind that at all! When it comes to power couples the sweater-and-skirt set are among my favorites! Continue Reading