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DIY Hair Treatment For Heat-Damaged Hair

November 30, 2018
DIY Hair Treatment For Heat-Damaged Hair

Hey Lovelies,

My transition journey from relaxed to natural hair has been an nightmare to say the least. Some people just have it easy from Day 1, but many people don’t. My hair texture isn’t even that difficult to work with, but the natural hair journeys I was observing on social media weren’t the ones that came with heat damage, 3-4 different curl patterns in different parts of your scalp, or accurately showcased the frustration when a desired end product wasn’t achieved. From battling two different textures to product trial and error, transitioning from relaxed to natural hair can sometimes leave you feeling defeated. I can’t tell you the number of times I have fantasized about just relaxing my hair and getting on with it. Continue Reading

12 days of Christmas MY STYLE

Gingham x Embroidered Shirt!

December 19, 2017
Gingham x Embroidered Shirt

Hey Guys,

I wish the embroidery extended a little to the front but hey thrifters are not choosers…oh but the joys of thrifting can you imagine I bought this shirt for ksh60?
I saw it,heard the price and quickly started scanning for stains, tears, a missing sleeve or something because how? But it was in perfect shape no missing buttons,all the sleeves were intact and it had this beautiful embroidery detail at the back and I was sold! Continue Reading

12 days of Christmas MY STYLE

Sequins x Stripes

December 14, 2017
sequins x stripes

Hey guys?
I have really loved the ruffle detailing at the hemline this year (see this) it adds such a fun flare to any outfit and instantly makes the skirt or dress as in this case much more outstanding. I feel oh so sexy in this number the vertical stripes make me look lean and taller and like I’ve got legs for days.I have been skeptical about wearing drop waistline dresses especially if its form fitting so to be honest the vertical stripes really helped in making it easier. Continue Reading

MY STYLE Office Wear

Graphic Tee x Mustard!

December 7, 2017
Graphic tee x mustard

Hey Hey Lovelies!

One of my styling tips when it comes to prints or graphic tees is to style around the statement piece! Case in point: this graphic tee that is simple but makes quite the statement all the same. The writing on the t-shirt is in mustard, my favorite color of all time, so styling it was a no brainer since I have so many things in that color. Continue Reading