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Power Posing

May 20, 2016


Photos by Halisee

So, I never thought I’d ever use a quote by Lil Wayne don’t get me wrong I do like his music but that mostly involves me going like ‘wait, what? you wanna put what where?’ Listening to hip-hop as a woman is such a treat no?
confidence is the stain they can’t wipe off – Lil Wayne Continue Reading


Viva la LBD!

March 22, 2016


Hey Loves

Karl Lagerfeld famously said:’ one is never overdressed or under-dressed with a little black dress.” And I couldn’t agree more it’s pretty hard to go wrong in this classic piece! One of the things I love about the lbd is its simplicity and sophistication. What’s more I can’t think of one occasion in which the black dress won’t have you covered. It’s one of those pieces that I believe every woman should have in her arsenal! Continue Reading



February 4, 2016


Floral dresses are closet must-haves from sweet floral frocks to wonderful wraps there are endless ways to embrace this print. They brighten up your day with vivid blooms making running errands much more fun or the catch up lunch that much merrier! When I came across this dress I didn’t give it a second look. Continue Reading



December 30, 2015


If there’s one night to bust out all the sparkles and shine, it’s NYE. It makes the best excuse all year to dress up, try something new and get downright creative with your look! Continue Reading

MY STYLE Office Wear

It’s Official..

November 25, 2015


Its vintage, it’s black and it makes it look okay to wear a crop top to work. Sometimes dressing for work can feel a little dull and boring, it’s the little details that make it fun and add a bit of character to your outfit. For this vintage inspired dress it is the retro feel brought about by the cropped chiffon detail at the front and at the arms. Continue Reading


The Ultimate LBD

August 24, 2015

brm1I am a huge fan of the pencil it in crop it out look  so when I found this double layer dress I was convinced it was designed with me in mind. When I saw it, it looked so small I was afraid I’d have to spray it on thankfully like I said it was designed with me in mind and it fit like a glove! Continue Reading