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Style Pattern

April 26, 2018
Style pattern

Heey Lovelies,

You know how  sometimes you can decide to evaluate your recent  life choices and detect a pattern? That’s what I did recently only difference is it was a style pattern evaluation and my conclusion is, if it is in jungle green and tasseled then my answer YES! Continue Reading


The Beret.

March 26, 2018
The Beret

Heey Guys,

Remember my Last  post where I talked about how I am a chronic hoarder well, this is one of those few times where hoarding has actually worked for me. I bought this beret back in 2013 a time when I was into hats even before being rosemary was being rosemary!I have worn it a number of times in the recent past only because berets are now a thing however I believe there’s an entire year where I didn’t even acknowledge its existence! Continue Reading


Midi for the city

February 20, 2017
how to style midi dresses

Hey there pretty,
One part sexy,one part formal, that’s the midi dress for you.This is easily one of my favorite trends and a great reminder that sometimes the sexiest outfits are the most simple .  If I were to create a signature style I believe a midi dress or skirt would be right up there with a pair of blue jeans. I have learnt over time that with style it is best to stay away from trends and sticking to a signature style is what ultimately stands the test of time. A friend recently asked me how do you dress for surprise? Continue Reading