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February 28, 2017

Hey Beautiful,

Now,I know I have gushed enough times about how I am obscenely in love with shirts lately especially over-sized shirts that can double up as both shirts and dresses.Those,those are the real MVP’s guys!But can you blame me? I mean look at this shirt dress, the STRIPES (insert heart eyes emoji). Iย could go on and on about how incredibly amazing they are but given the number of times I’ve talked about them already ( see here and here) – I believe the sheer repetition has convinced you alreadyย why this is an essential wardrobe staple! Continue Reading

MY STYLE Office Wear work wear edit

Work Wear Edit 1

July 14, 2015


In preparation of the next chapter in my life, I have been trying to develop a work wear capsule wardrobe, on a shoe string budget, that will really work. I believe you do not need a huge work wardrobe to have a great office style so I have been focusing on getting and adding a few essential office wear staples that with a little mixing and matching will serve me well as I slowly create a perfect professional closet. Continue Reading



July 5, 2015


When your broke and you’re looking to NOT dress like everyone else, thrifting is IT.I started thrifting when I was a teenager out of necessity and over time it became less of a need and more of a joy. I love how you can find unique and rare pieces that set your style apart without breaking the bank. Continue Reading