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Denim and Stripes!

November 3, 2017
How to wear dungarees

Happy New Month Guys,

Whenever I think of dungarees what comes to mind is, it’s going to be a lax and easy going kinda day. The t-shirt and flats kind of casual (see here) which works effortlessly with this statement piece. However that’s not to say that every once in a while we cannot push its boundaries out of the comfort area into the more dressed up style. Continue Reading


De-constructed Shirt.

October 30, 2017

Hi Lovely,

I am really loving the direction fashion is taking when it comes to tops from the bell sleeves to the off-shoulder shirts and loud prints and I am here for it, ALL OF IT! I always wear pretty basic pants so I like my tops dramatic and I am often always on the hunt for statement tops. I have been particularly loving the idea of wearing your classic button down shirt casually as an off-shoulder top where you unbutton it and drape off the shoulder you want to expose and you can either tie it at the front or leave it. Continue Reading

MY STYLE Office Wear

Casual Friday!

March 23, 2017

Up and at ’em loves!
So, today we are talking about Casual Fridays which are, in a fashion lover’s eyes{ which we are :-)} , the best day of the week at the office. It’s that one chance you get to work comfortably and stylishly without worrying too much about what I’m wearing.It is a perfect opportunity to go ahead and break free from monotonous neutrals and wear those fun and colorful pieces.Hello color block! Continue Reading


Baby Blues

January 25, 2017

Hey Beautiful!

So…I love the sunny weather and the sundresses as much as the next girl but honestly am ready for some rain! I am even ready for the whole ‘mudness’ that accompanies rainy days.Granted dressing up in this weather is super easy compared to layering in the cold weather but in this heatwave even jeans feel like torture and there’s only so much sundresses a girl can wear! Continue Reading


The Dungaree Way

December 13, 2016


 Ola Beautiful!

 I joined the dungaree bandwagon here’s why…

1.They look good on other people I could lie but…

2.I don’t look like an giant toddler as I initially feared…okay maybe just a tiny little bit but hey..

3. Nothing says 90s better than a pair of throwback denim dungaree especially when teamed with an off shoulder top and a pair of oldskool converse! Continue Reading


The Camel Coat

August 17, 2016



Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for the amazing response and lovely comments from the previous post. I am humbled and elated to have you on board as we cheer each other on in this journey and just to know that you are rooting for me as much as I am rooting for you. Gratsi!! 🙂

 Camel coats are one of those classic closet must-haves especially in this cold that are not only eternally chic but also happen to be flattering on almost every skin tone. I have wanted a camel coat for a while now and I never quite found one that suit my preference until this one and let’s say it was well worth the wait. Continue Reading


Everyday Luxe

March 30, 2016


I have a gazillion sweaters and cardigans and have been trying hard not to buy anymore but it’s becoming increasingly difficult especially with all the cute designs and different colors that they come in. I came across this one as I was going through one of those ‘no more sweaters’ phase and also there were solid reasons not to buy it one of them being the crazy heat wave we have been experiencing lately. But I was so in love with its color and how it softly drapes on the chest that I couldn’t bring myself to leave it. Best Decision Ever! Its hands down my best sweater. Continue Reading