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It’s a Wrap!

October 10, 2016

Hey there sugars,

I had a long week and an even longer weekend I am so tired my brain is mush and my attention span is the length of an eyelash!! I will keep it short and sweet just wanted to touch base and check on you guys hoping your week is off to a great start and to also remind you that you are awesome even on your worst day. 🙂 Continue Reading



September 15, 2016

Hey there sugars,

I’m just over here wondering how you stay on the straight and arrow when it comes to exercising and eating right.First its a cheat day then its a cheat week  and before I know it am eating the things I shouldn’t be and can’t remember the last time I exercised.Anyway that’s a story for another day to more happy and exciting news my birthday  is almost here YAAAAY! 11 days to be precise!I don’t even know why I am so excited seeing as I have no elaborate plans other than eating an obscene  number of eclairs. Not that I mind being somewhere tropical like Bora Bora lounging sipping on Mai tai but such is life ey? Continue Reading


“Tie the Knot”

June 28, 2015

brm_1Good Afternoon, Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
I went out looking for a T-shirt dress but found this vest dress instead! It was love at first sight but after I tried it on I almost didn’t buy it because the fitting was a bit lose and it looked slouchy! Needless to say I bought it but I knew I wouldn’t wear it as is without altering it to my preference. Continue Reading


Geek in the pink

May 17, 2015


Case in point: what my weekends look like
Low key and laid back.
Casual but cool outfit to live in for the next 48 hours.
Comfort is paramount so
I leave the heels at home and opt for flats instead.

Continue Reading