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12 days of Christmas MY STYLE Office Wear


December 12, 2017

 Happy Jamhuri Day lovelies! And happy day 1 of blog-mas!!❤?

 I don’t know if it’s too late to jump on this blog-mas/vlog-mas craze but I have joined the bandwagon. In the spirit of Christmas I have decided to bring a little Christmas cheer over here with 12days of Christmas which means I will try and put up a post daily (except the weekends) up until Christmas day. I hope you like it. Continue Reading



May 24, 2017

Hey Hey,

I would like to believe that I am not alone in my madness, er obsession, towards off-shoulder pieces case in point this particular one that I would very much  like to spend the rest of my life in except the weather won’t let me prosper!Off-the-shoulder tops are still having a moment with me atleast I mean can we just talk about this top;the print and the ruffles! (insert heart eyes emoji) Floral pieces have been speaking to me lately so you can imagine my excitement when I came across this top! Two for two for sure! Continue Reading


The Now

February 28, 2017

Hey Beautiful,

Now,I know I have gushed enough times about how I am obscenely in love with shirts lately especially over-sized shirts that can double up as both shirts and dresses.Those,those are the real MVP’s guys!But can you blame me? I mean look at this shirt dress, the STRIPES (insert heart eyes emoji). I could go on and on about how incredibly amazing they are but given the number of times I’ve talked about them already ( see here and here) – I believe the sheer repetition has convinced you already why this is an essential wardrobe staple! Continue Reading

MY STYLE Office Wear

Power Posing

May 20, 2016


Photos by Halisee

So, I never thought I’d ever use a quote by Lil Wayne don’t get me wrong I do like his music but that mostly involves me going like ‘wait, what? you wanna put what where?’ Listening to hip-hop as a woman is such a treat no?
confidence is the stain they can’t wipe off – Lil Wayne Continue Reading

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Habit challenge of the month : February

February 1, 2016


Happy New Month Loves,

So, I am in search of a 48 hour day because there never seems to be enough hours in a day for me to do all the things I have to do.My day seems to be full of dozens of tasks and personal obligations. I know for a fact that I am most productive in the morning but somewhere along the way I decided that if I sleep in then I will be more productive. Big mistake! Continue Reading


For the Love of Flow-ral

September 17, 2015

When I was getting this dress I didn’t know how I felt about this floral pattern and to be honest I still don’t but I have always loved sheer maxi dresses with a short under skirt for the fun way to show some leg. Continue Reading



September 16, 2015

brm1Lately, I’m drawn to neutral colors, whites, black, grey and mostly navy blue but I still can’t say no to a bit of color from time to time especially if it’s my best color combination coral pink and camel brown. There is just something about this combo that speaks to me, ya know? 🙂 Continue Reading


Denim Dress-in

August 31, 2015

brm1Hey Darlings!
If I had to pick only a few wardrobe staples that every girl should have, a good chambray shirt would be at the top of the list. They are super versatile,cute and comfy especially if it’s made with soft denim. I have been trying to find a loose fit chambray shirt for a minute now to no avail. You know how you have this perfect look assembled in your mind but in real sense there is that one piece, in this case loose fit chambray shirt, missing to complete the puzzle look. Continue Reading


#Habit Challenge of the month: August

August 7, 2015

brmHey guys it’s that time of the month where we get to choose a healthy habit and develop it together. I know this post is long overdue seven days late to be precise but better late than never right? Before I get to this month’s habit challenge,I am happy to report that last month’s habit challenge (see here) was a success!! Continue Reading



July 28, 2015

BRMI love a great maxi dress especially if it comes in my favorite classic stripe print. I love this particular one despite the fact that it is in horizontal stripes that according to popular belief, are unflattering and make you look ‘wider’ so to speak. That is a fashion folklore that should be binned! Continue Reading