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Habit challenge of the month : February

February 1, 2016


Happy New Month Loves,

So, I am in search of a 48 hour day because there never seems to be enough hours in a day for me to do all the things I have to do.My day seems to be full of dozens of tasks and personal obligations. I know for a fact that I am most productive in the morning but somewhere along the way I decided that if I sleep in then I will be more productive. Big mistake! Continue Reading



October 13, 2015


I am one of those guys who before purchasing any product especially skin products I spend a considerable amount of time on the internet reading reviews. I find that to be helpful since you can gauge beforehand what to expect from the product or if you should even buy it at all. I have found myself doing this ever since I discovered google and I figured it is important for me to share some of my experiences with guys out there who are like me and find reviews to be helpful. Continue Reading



August 19, 2015

brm1Hi Darlings! Happy Hump Day!
I believe simplicity is the ultimate mode of sophistication. This simple black dress stole my heart the moment I saw it not because of its basic black hue that I always consider as a worthy wardrobe investment but for the simple fact that it features an exposed back zipper! Continue Reading


Dress Down

July 9, 2015


Hello guys!

I believe the ability to dress down an outfit is an essential part of any wardrobe that allows your dressy items to do double duty in casual outfits. This is definitely a Win Win for me since dressing down is my modus operandi plus I get more value for my money! Continue Reading


Knitly Dressed

July 6, 2015

brm_1I was persuaded to buy this knit dress a looong time back by one of my pals and I don’t know if it’s the fact that I wasn’t really sold on getting it or that I preferred a looser fit but it has been sitting on my wardrobe for years. Continue Reading



July 5, 2015


When your broke and you’re looking to NOT dress like everyone else, thrifting is IT.I started thrifting when I was a teenager out of necessity and over time it became less of a need and more of a joy. I love how you can find unique and rare pieces that set your style apart without breaking the bank. Continue Reading


That kind of crop

July 2, 2015


Happy New Month Lovelies!

Now,I love crop tops and I have said that before but what I didn’t say is that I am only comfortable baring my midriff section in a loose-fitting crop top because it only shows a silver of skin plus it being loose means there will be no muffin top situation to worry about. Continue Reading


Turquoise Love

June 30, 2015

brm-1I love simple pieces that make a subtle statement on their own more so if they are in one of my favorite colors such as turquoise! I love this dress so much I could easily live in it, it’s ultra-comfy, has the right amount of stretch and also features laid-back side-seam pockets. WIN! WIN! WIN! Continue Reading


“Tie the Knot”

June 28, 2015

brm_1Good Afternoon, Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
I went out looking for a T-shirt dress but found this vest dress instead! It was love at first sight but after I tried it on I almost didn’t buy it because the fitting was a bit lose and it looked slouchy! Needless to say I bought it but I knew I wouldn’t wear it as is without altering it to my preference. Continue Reading