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DIY Hair Treatment For Heat-Damaged Hair

November 30, 2018
DIY Hair Treatment For Heat-Damaged Hair

Hey Lovelies,

My transition journey from relaxed to natural hair has been an nightmare to say the least. Some people just have it easy from Day 1, but many people don’t. My hair texture isn’t even that difficult to work with, but the natural hair journeys I was observing on social media weren’t the ones that came with heat damage, 3-4 different curl patterns in different parts of your scalp, or accurately showcased the frustration when a desired end product wasn’t achieved. From battling two different textures to product trial and error, transitioning from relaxed to natural hair can sometimes leave you feeling defeated. I can’t tell you the number of times I have fantasized about just relaxing my hair and getting on with it. Continue Reading


7 beauty products I can’t Live without

November 8, 2018
7 beauty products I can't Live without.


Hey there sugars,

Sometimes you don’t even realize the hole in your life until you try one of these beauty products, and then you just don’t know how you lived without it for so long.With pregnancy my body has changed so much so that looking in the mirror calls for a short pep talk.Its like looking at a whole different person.One day my nose is the size of a clown and the next my whole face is double in size.I have battled serious acne,swollen face,super hyper-pigmented body and I would be lying if I said my confidence is still intact.You meet with people and they literally exclaim at the site of you.I need serious reinforcements just to get the courage to walk out the door.This products are my pregnancy/beauty holy grail,they have been helping feel beautiful or at least sum up the courage to face the world!! Continue Reading


DIY Face Mask to Clear Hormonal Acne

October 22, 2018
DIY Face Mask to Clear Hormonal Acne

Hi Lovelies,
You know that thing they tell you about the pregnancy glow? Issa scam people😂
I glowed for all of 2.5 sec and then it was downhill ever since.It was an acne fest up in my face.
Thing is there is acne and then there is hormonal acne.Hormonal acne is basically equivalent if not more painful than ingrown hairs.I know we are all grown here and if you have experienced ingrown hairs especially on your pubs then you know that pain is from the devil.Just like ingrown hairs they are unsightly,painful and inflamed. Continue Reading


My Cultured Life! Get To Know ME!

February 6, 2018
My cultured life! Get to know me!

Hi Lovely!

I came across this questions on this months Cosmo magazine and thought it a good idea to recreate it so that you guys get to know me a little better. Let’s get up close and personal shall we?

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning? – I take a warm glass of lemon water that’s after hitting the snooze button 34,564 times ??. I have done this successfully for more than four years now. Lately,I add a teaspoon of moringa powder to help in balancing my hormones. Continue Reading

12 days of Christmas BEAUTY

DIY Clear Skin Routine

December 18, 2017
DIY clear skin routine

Heey guys,??
Welcome to day 5 of 12 days of Christmas!
Its Face time! Long post alert!
I know I have been quite vocal about my struggle with acne on here.It can be quite demoralizing to have great skin one second and a zit storm the next and the blackheads that follow  leave me wishing I could peel my face off! I have tried so many products that have only left a dent in my wallet and no lasting effects on my skin. I always wanted to have a daily skincare regimen such as this (10 step Korean skin-care regimen recommended by a friend) but I was skeptical about the array of products I’d have to use on my skin. So, I settled for a simple skin-care regimen that consisted of products I had used, liked and had positive effects on my skin most of which are Nivea products. (Completely unrelated with the products am talking about today but If you are like me and acne is like a monkey on your back then consider trying the Nivea range of products they are quite gentle on acne-prone skin) Continue Reading


Simple Green Smoothie Recipe!

November 14, 2017
green juice

Hey Guys,

So, a couple of weeks ago I shared a green smoothie video on my Instagram stories and I got a lot of questions about the recipe ok not A LOT a little over five people wanted to know the recipe and that to me qualifies as a lot LOL. Anyway, I decided to do a post on the recipe not only because of that but also because of how simple the recipe is. It is so simple that my initial thought when I came across it on Instagram was, that can’t be right and if it is, it must taste like crap! It required just three ingredients: spinach, orange juice and bananas!

Continue Reading