7 beauty products I can’t Live without

November 8, 2018
7 beauty products I can't Live without.


Hey there sugars,

Sometimes you don’t even realize the hole in your life until you try one of these beauty products, and then you just don’t know how you lived without it for so long.With pregnancy my body has changed so much so that looking in the mirror calls for a short pep talk.Its like looking at a whole different person.One day my nose is the size of a clown and the next my whole face is double in size.I have battled serious acne,swollen face,super hyper-pigmented body and I would be lying if I said my confidence is still intact.You meet with people and they literally exclaim at the site of you.I need serious reinforcements just to get the courage to walk out the door.This products are my pregnancy/beauty holy grail,they have been helping feel beautiful or at least sum up the courage to face the world!!

7 beauty products I can't Live without.

1.Dudu Osun (my skin savior)
This has got to be the best thing I discovered while battling hormonal acne.I was browsing for solutions and thanks to YouTube reviews I learnt of the wonders of African black soap.Of course I was a bit skeptical at first especially given the severity of my acne at the time but I was desperate so I went for it deciding that the worst had already happened.My skin was as rough as a sandpaper and what’s more I was getting bacne as well chest acne which was now spreading to my arms.Basically my whole body was breaking out.I needed a solution and I needed it fast.I tried it and was amazed by the results! It cleared my acne in a month especially on my chest that was almost as bad as my face.Now whenever I get any breakout it doesn’t last up to a week, it dries it out!7 beauty products I can't Live without.

2.Sleek lipstick

It’s no secret I am a huge lipstick fun. its amazing how a single swipe of your favorite lip stain has the power to not only change your appearance but your entire mood. This sleeks fandago purple matte me lipstick is my absolute fave. It gets compliments every time I wear it and I could really use the confidence boost. If I could I would have three stock-piled just in case this color gets discontinued.!!

7 beauty products I can't Live without.

3.sleek Lip Balm
I am obsessed with this sleek lipbalm! I have been using it for around 5yrs now and ever since it was introduced to me I have not been able to live without it. It makes it possible for me to still wear matte lipsticks regardless of how dry my lips get during this time by applying it before I go in with any matte lipstick and helps keep my lips moisturised throughout the day.

7 beauty products I can't Live without.

4.L.A Girl Pro-Conceal

With an acne fest the aftermath is blackheads which leave you feeling anything but beautiful.This concealer is perfect for whether you’re fighting dark circles or unexpected blemishes.I had to bring out the big guns since the maybelline foundation I use isn’t full coverage and was tired of the little ugly heads peering at me.

7 beauty products I can't Live without.

5.Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
It’s the first and only liquid foundation I have ever won. It’s lightweight and easily blendable. On two hours of sleep or totally dehydrated, it makes my skin look even, dewy, and spotless. It diffuses light and creates this soft focus finish. It’s oil-free and gives my face a velvet-like appearance.

7 beauty products I can't Live without.


6.Rose oil (for a more detailed review see here)
This bottle of sunshine and joy is the perfect moisturiser to help minimise scars and fine lines.The dudu osun soap can be quite drying and this oil-based moisturiser is just perfect.It has astringent effects on the capillaries making it perfect for my sensitive skin in reducing the redness and calming the skin.

7 beauty products I can't Live without.

7.Micellar water 

There has been a lot of hype around micellar water and I know you’ve heard that it’ll make you glow and banish breakouts and maybe even make a cappuccino for you if you ask nicely.I use it to remove make up and it really does a good job and encourages my lazygirl days when all I want to do is jump in bed and sleep. I can confirm that it’s make-up removing and skin perfecting prowess are legit!👌👌

There you have it babes a carefully curated collection of all my buzziest beauty products to feast your eyes on, maybe lighten your wallet with, and definitely feel great about yourself.
So it’s bout time to try out these 7 products in your beauty routine (if you’re not already!), and you can thank us later! Leave a comment (or tweet!) with your fave of the 7, or tell us what products you just can’t live without.I am always down to try the next miracle cream/powder/spray– you get the picture.

Stay Fabulous



Dudu Osun Black Soap – super cosmetics

Sleek Lipstick and lipbalm- super cosmetics

Rose oil  – healthy U

Micellar water -carre four two rivers

Maybelline foundations -carre four two rivers


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