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Cucumber Mint Detox Water

April 21, 2017

Hi lovelies,
I hope you enjoyed your Easter holidays as much as I did.I spent the last couple of days on the road which meant eating from road sides and food stands mostly, which was interesting and a lot of fun definitely. But being back home I feel ready for a detox and energy booster to help me get back into the groove and normal everyday routine.beingrosemary
A few weeks back ,I was at a birthday party where I learnt about this detox water recipe that some guys were gushing over.They made it sound like some miracle worker of some sort because they were all trying to achieve different goals and what was interesting is they all had positive results! From clear skin,to weight loss,flat tummy,bloating relief and I remember thinking to myself how too good to be true that sounded. I decided to research on it later but I forgot which is classic Rosemary behavior that I hope will change from all the copious amounts of Rosemary tea (wink) I have been drinking lately or improve my memory or whatever its really good tea.
Anyway,from research I have seen lots of positive reviews and decided there is no harm in trying since plain water is in itself a miracle drink and maybe infusing it with these vegetables might just do the trick.I have been drinking it for around five days and the only result I have for you guys is it has increased my daily water intake lol plus it tastes good and is quite refreshing so if you are into infusing your water to make it less boring its perfect.I decided to share this recipe with you guys in case there is someone out there who would like to try it as well or has already tried it so that they can share with us the results :-).



I cucumber,sliced

1 lemon sliced (I use two since I like the taste of lemon)

1 tablespoon grated ginger

8 mint leaves

2 litres of water


place all ingredients in a large pitcher or jug and let the mixture infuse overnight.

Drink it throughout the following day.







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