September 16, 2015

brm1Lately, I’m drawn to neutral colors, whites, black, grey and mostly navy blue but I still can’t say no to a bit of color from time to time especially if it’s my best color combination coral pink and camel brown. There is just something about this combo that speaks to me, ya know? 🙂 It’s so fresh, loud and muted at the same time and that’s why I can’t seem to get enough of this combination. I love knits but the itchy yarns make it quite the strained relationship because you could easily end up looking like you are suffering from some kind of a skin disease. Fortunately, with this over-sized cardigan(which is coral pink but for some reason looks orange-y) and pencil skirt I don’t have to worry about itching they are also light so I can get away with wearing them on a sunny day.


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Outfit Details

oversized cardigan – thrifted randomly in Cbd

Knit pencil skirt –  Toi Market.

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