July 31, 2015

brm_1Being the end of the month of July I decided to do a little retrospective on my New Year resolution (read them here) to see how I have done so far.Some of them are a solid definition of Done even if I do say so myself and others, if we are being honest, need to be dusted so to speak or replaced all together. For instance taking lemon water as a daily morning routine falls in the done department it’s a healthy habit that I can honestly say I have successfully developed I mean if your mama randomly buys lemons/limes because she is so used to seeing them then you know you have succeeded and talking about habits I will be doing a monthly habit post (read the first one here) soon so look out for that. Now, what needs to be dusted replaced is the morning run routine, I am deeply ashamed but I will admit that, that was a huge fail! I will not even lie I tried it once and honey, let’s just replace it with skipping every morning the results are the same right?


Moving on swiftly,rarely do you come across a jacket that is as stylish as it is warm and also light enough that it doesn’t slow you down as you run your errands. This coat hits that trifecta perfectly and I am glad to have it in my wardrobe especially with the in between weather here in Nairobi. A blazer serves that purpose as well but again unless I aspire to be a robot for the day for me a blazer just won’t cut it that is why this coat falls under one of my favorites in my casuals’ corner. The same way a blazer is an easy way to make any outfit look instantly more dressed up this turquoise coat does the same in easily dressing down an outfit.

brm_3brm4brm5brm6brm7brm8Thank you for stopping by Darlings and if there is a habit you would like us to develop together feel free to email me or write it in the comment section below!:)

ta!ta!For now

talk soon


Outfit Details

Black pants – Adams Arcade

Turquoise coat – Adams arcade

Black vest – thrifted

Envelope clutch bag – Jade collection

pearl layered necklace – favoured_jewels

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