Dress the Part

June 23, 2015

‘You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.’
Zig Ziglar

brm_1Dress for the job you want not the one you have. I once heard someone say that, ‘if you want to achieve your dreams it has to come from inside out that when you dress well you feel good and when you feel good you do good.’ And I couldn’t agree more. When you internalize something, it means that you believe in it absolutely and pursue it relentlessly. I believe internalizing and making personal your goals starts with dressing for the career you want. That means dressing, talking, behaving and crafting a resume and brand image consistent with your ultimate aspirations.

brm_2I also believe that you don’t need to own a Swiss bank account to be able to dress the part. With classic timeless pieces, that with little tweaks you can transform the whole look, you can slowly build your ultimate dream work wear wardrobe. I love this dress as it stands out in a subtle monochrome glen plaid making it perfect for work in a strict as well as casual smart job environment.My power dress code wouldn’t be complete without a statement handbag, killer heels and a swipe of red lipstick that makes me feel a hundred times more powerful with a single swipe!

#melifehacks – I ‘ll let you in on a little secret this is not a layered neck-piece they are actually two necklaces! 🙂

How does power dress code look like?

brm_3brm_4brm_5  brm_6

brm_7brm_8                                                 brm_9Thank you for dropping by and sharing guys!

stay chic

& keep on smiling


Outfit Details

red coat – sunbeam

plaid dress – thrift

handbag – gifted

necklaces – gifted (check out others from instagram favoured_jewels)

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